Bug Fixes
Learn about bug fixes to previously released features that have been addressed in ProcessMaker version 4.1 for ProcessMaker build 4.1.23.
These release notes document bug fixes addressed in ProcessMaker version 4.1.23.
The hyperlink to the following page that describes these bug fixes is not publicly available:

Platform Fixes

  • The Select list feature label support for Mustache formatting fixed
  • Pre-selected radio button visibility fixed
  • Radio buttons within multipage Screens that use the same names inside of different loops conflict fixed
  • Watcher execution inside of a Loop context fixed

Enterprise Fixes


  • PMQL works correctly with single character filter
  • Group permissions correctly applied

Conversational Forms

  • Same validation with select list types fixed

Data Sources

  • Importing a data source now properly assigned associated data source
  • PMQL works correctly with single character filter
  • Outbound BPMN task configuration saving fixed
  • Select list objects not returning data fixed
  • Connecting to an external data source in Screen Watcher context fixed
  • Select lists not populating when another select list is hidden fixed

Dynamic UI

  • Dashboard chart filtering fixed

PDF Printer

  • Memory leak in server side rendering fixed
  • Saved Search Chart in a Screen builder tool context fixed

Web Entry

  • Cannot read properties of null fixed