Learn about improvements to previously released features that are now available in ProcessMaker version 4.2 for ProcessMaker build 4.2.29.
These release notes document new improvements available in ProcessMaker version 4.2.29. Platform section documents new improvements also available in the ProcessMaker open-source edition. Improvements to Enterprise packages are documented in alphabetical order below the Platform section.
ProcessMaker version 4.2.29 is not compatible with ProcessMaker versions 4.0.x through 4.1.x. ProcessMaker 4.2.29 is designed for new ProcessMaker implementations that are not upgraded from any previous versions.



The ProcessMaker interface is American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliant.

Inactive Process Status

The new Inactive status prevents users from starting new Requests of that Process. Setting a Process as Inactive only disables starting new Requests of that Process. Any in-progress Requests are not affected and can complete.

PMQL: IN and NOT IN Operators

Perform PMQL searches with the following operators:
  • IN: Use the IN operator to search for data where the value of the specified property is one of multiple specified values.
  • NOT IN: Use the NOT IN operator to search for data where the value of the specified property is not one of multiple specified values.

Process Modeler: Loops

In a Process model, design Form Task elements, Manual Task elements, and any type of connector to perform multiple instances of one Task/function in parallel or in sequence. Configure multi-instance activities from the Loop Characteristics panel of an applicable element or connector.

Require Users to Change Password

Administrators may now force a user to change the password for that user's account, thereby improving security.

Screen Builder

Button Tooltips

Add a tooltip to Submit Button controls. When hovering over the button, the tooltip displays.

Multi-File Upload

Upload multiple files from one File Upload control.


The platform addresses Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) injection attacks in which malicious scripts are injected into otherwise benign and trusted websites.

Data Connector Package

OAuth 2.0 Support

Use OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol to limit API clients access to user data.

Script API

Call ProcessMaker Script Tasks as APIs outside of a Process's Request.

Send Email Package

Attach files to a Send Email connector or an email notification.