Known Issues
Please be aware of known issues in ProcessMaker version 4.2.30.
These release notes document a known issue in ProcessMaker version 4.2.30.

Platform Known Issues


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    When previewing a Screen that has more than one page, only images on the first page preview in the Form tab. Images on subsequent pages do not preview. Instead, the following message displays: Something went wrong and the file cannot be previewed. Click the download button to continue. No files available for download.

Screen Builder

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    When previewing a Record List control that contains no records, the following error message displays: There is a validation error in your form.. This message does not impact preview functionality or in-progress Requests.
    • Workaround: Close the message.

Conversation Forms Package

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    Conversation-type Screens do not function correctly in the following situations:
    • Controls in a Conversation Screen do not display when that Screen is used for Web Entry.
    • After configuring two or more Select List controls in a Conversation Screen, only the first Select List control functions correctly in preview.
    The Conversation package is being redesigned for a future release.