Bug Fixes
Learn about bug fixes in ProcessMaker version 4.2 for ProcessMaker build 4.2.33.
These release notes document bug fixes addressed in ProcessMaker version 4.2.33.
ProcessMaker version 4.2.31 and later is compatible to upgrade from any ProcessMaker version 4.x. ProcessMaker version 4.2 introduces many new features and improvements that were introduced in ProcessMaker version 4.2.29.
See the following important sections that describe changes to ProcessMaker version 4.2.31 and later from previous ProcessMaker 4 versions:
See the following sections of ProcessMaker version 4.2.29 Release Notes:

Platform Fixes


  1. 1.
    Screen Builder properly does not validate rules for hidden controls.
  2. 2.
    Environment Variables update properly if they contain line breaks.

Enterprise Fixes

Web Entry Package

  1. 1.
    Web Entry URLs for archived Processes properly do not function to protect security.