ProcessMaker 4.0.15 Release Notes
ProcessMaker version 4.0.15 Release Notes


Release Date: November 5, 2020
ProcessMaker is proud to announce the immediate availability of ProcessMaker version 4.0.15. This update addresses multiple bug fixes.
The ProcessMaker 4 platform makes it easy to create business processes that have the power of applications with our low-code approach using our BPMN 2.0-compliant suite of services so that you can design and deploy automated workflows that deliver true digital agility to your organization.
This document contains Release Notes for the following:
    Core product: ProcessMaker version 4.0.15 core-product functionality that is the ProcessMaker open-source edition.
    Non-core packages: ProcessMaker version 4 packages that extend core-product functionality. Packages are not available in the ProcessMaker open-source edition, but are available to customers that purchase or subscribe to ProcessMaker version 4. Release Notes that affect package functionality are documented with the core product section that the feature, improvement, bug fix, or known issue affects.
Release notes are cumulative, and document new features, improvements, bug fixes, and/or known issues associated with this release unless otherwise noted.

Core Product Versions

ProcessMaker version 4.0.15 core product uses the following versions:
    ProcessMaker Query Language (PMQL): Version 1.1.3
    Process Modeler: Version 1.1.2
    Screen Builder: Version 1.1.12

Non-Core Package Versions

The following are the non-core package versions at the time of this release:
    Actions By Email: package-actions-by-email 1.2.0
    Advanced Forms: package-advancedforms 1.1.4
    Auth: package-auth-auth0 1.0.1
    Auth SAML: package-auth-saml 1.1.2
    Collections: package-collections 1.6.2
    Comments: package-comments 1.0.3
    Data Connectors: package-data-sources 1.0.20
    Dynamic UI: package-dynamic-ui 1.0.0
    File Manager: package-files 1.1.3
    Google Places: package-googleplaces 1.1.3
    PDF Generator Connector: connector-pdf-print 1.4
    Process Documenter: package-process-documenter 1.0.3
    Process Optimization: package-process-optimization 1.0.3
    Salesforce Connector: connector-salesforce 1.1.1
    Saved Searches: package-savedsearch 1.9.4
    Send Email Connector: connector-send-email 1.2.2
    Sentry: package-sentry 1.0.2
    Signature: package-signature 1.0.0
    Slack Notification Connector: connector-slack 1.0.5
    Translations: package-translations 2.0.5
    Versioning: package-versions 1.0.5
    Vocabularies: package-vocabularies 2.3.0
    Web Entry: package-webentry 1.2.4

Links to System Requirements and Special Instructions

Bug Fixes

This section documents bug fixes in conjunction with ProcessMaker version 4.0.15.
This section documents bug fixes to the following, of which the issue(s) referenced are not publicly available:
    Non-core ProcessMaker packages GitHub repositories
    References that are only available to individuals who have permission settings to view FOUR project Jira tickets at ProcessMaker


    FOUR-2035: A parent Request may now start a child Request when the calling Sub Process element's outgoing Sequence Flow element connects to an Event-Based Gateway element.
    FOUR-2077: ProcessMaker Screens that are too large to fit on one screen without scrolling now properly may be printed in their entirety to show all controls in that Screen.
    FOUR-2080: Signal Start Event elements and Message Start Event elements now properly start child Requests when called from a parent Request.
    FOUR-2146: When a self-service Task and an assigned Task fork after an Inclusive Gateway element, and the self-service Task completes first, the _user ProcessMaker Magic Variable now retains its value for the Form Task element's assigned Task.
    FOUR-2149: Laravel Horizon's PHP configuration file that sets Horizon's workload scaling and resource allocation is now more flexible to better handle when queue jobs quickly increase.

SAML Package

    FOUR-2070 and FOUR-2139: Newly created ProcessMaker users that log on to their ProcessMaker instance via SAML no longer see an error message that their account is inactive.

Screen Builder

    FOUR-1927: The File Upload control now functions as expected when setting or changing naming with folder formatting.

Web Entry Package

    FOUR-2046: ProcessMaker users that log on via authenticated Web Entry are not properly redirected to the configured URL to view the Task.
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