ProcessMaker 4.0.3 Release Notes
ProcessMaker version 4.0.3 Release Notes


Release Date: March 13, 2020
ProcessMaker is proud to announce the immediate availability of ProcessMaker version 4.0.3. This update brings multiple new features, improvements, and bug fixes.
The ProcessMaker 4 platform makes it easy to create business processes that have the power of applications with our low-code approach using our BPMN 2.0-compliant suite of services so that you can design and deploy automated workflows that deliver true digital agility to your organization.
This document contains Release Notes for ProcessMaker version 4.0.3 core-product functionality that is part of the ProcessMaker open-source edition, and does not describe Release Notes for non-core packages. Release notes are cumulative, and document new features, improvements, bug fixes, and/or known issues associated with this release unless otherwise noted.
ProcessMaker version 4.0.3 core product uses the following versions:
    ProcessMaker Query Language (PMQL): Version 1.1.2
    Process Modeler: Version 0.18.5
    Screen Builder: Version 0.22.0

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This section documents improvements for ProcessMaker version 4.0.3.


    #2865: The Users page now displays a Deleted Users tab from which ProcessMaker users that have been deleted can now be restored. Restored users display in the Users page.

Screen Builder

    #544: The Submit Button control now has the following improvements:
      Default functionality: The Submit Button control submits the Form-type ProcessMaker Screen.
      Script functionality: Script functionality sets a value to another Screen control to trigger a Watcher.
    #614: Loop control settings are improved from the ones introduced in ProcessMaker version 4.0.1.
    #621: Configure a control based on the settings of an existing control in a ProcessMaker Screen by copying the existing control, thereby duplicating the control and its settings.
    #631: A Screen Builder variable called _parent now contains Request data for Loop and Record List controls. The _parent variable cannot be accessed or read from other ProcessMaker assets other than Screen Builder.

Bug Fixes

This section documents bug fixes for ProcessMaker version 4.0.3.


    #2843: Process models that fail validation properly note the validation errors and highlight those elements and settings that do not meet validation.
    #2874: When a Request that uses a ProcessMaker Screen with a Nested Screen control, the data from a nested ProcessMaker Screen properly displays in the Request summary.
    #2875: ProcessMaker Environment Variables now allow long names at least 88.9 KB large.
    #2882: Requests that use Intermediate Timer Event elements now have workflow routing data in which to continue workflow routing.
    #2908: ProcessMaker Environment Variables can now have hyphens (-) in their names.
    #2921: ProcessMaker now properly allows any ProcessMaker Screen in that ProcessMaker instance be selected from packages not available in the ProcessMaker open-source edition, including the following:
      Actions By Email package (which installs the Actions By Email connector in Process Modeler)
      Send Email package (which installs the Send Email connector in Process Modeler)
      Web Entry package (where a Screen can be selected from Start Event and Task elements)

Screen Builder

    #539: The following Screen Builder validation issues are addressed when configuring multiple validation rules for multiple controls in one ProcessMaker Screen page:
      Validation rule setting labels and helper text is fixed (related to #568).
      Input value(s) to one validation rule do not automatically display in another validation rule for the same or another control.
      The ProcessMaker Screen cannot be submitted unless all validation rules are met.
    #545: When a Request that uses a ProcessMaker Screen with a Nested Screen control, the data from a nested ProcessMaker Screen properly displays in the Request summary.
    #550: Validation now properly applies to controls on a ProcessMaker Screen page that a Record List control references to enter records. For example, if a control is required on the page that a Record List control references for its records, that control must contain data for a record to be submitted to the Record List control.
    #552: After adding a record in a Record List during a Request, the controls are properly empty when a another record is added to that Record List.
    #558: The Options props in SortableJS, a library used in Screen Builder, has properly been deprecated from Screen Builder to use Vue.draggable instead.
    #559: When a Form-type ProcessMaker Screen is nested, its Submit Button control hides so that the ProcessMaker Screen using the Nested Screen control is used to submit that Screen.
    #560: From the Screens page where all ProcessMaker Screens are listed, successfully search for a Screen that has been nested into another Screen when your ProcessMaker instance has at least 11 Screens.
    #561: Request information entered into a nested ProcessMaker Screen from one page of a multi-page Screen properly displays in other pages of that Screen.
    #562: Request data entered from a previous ProcessMaker Screen in that Request now passes to a nested Screen when it displays.
    #563: Magic Variables in a Request now pass to a nested Screen when it displays.
    #565: ProcessMaker Screens that are nested inside a Nested Screen control properly display Custom Cascading Style (CSS) from the Screen using the Nested Screen control unless the nested Screen has its own CSS designed in the Custom CSS screen.
    #566: A ProcessMaker Screen that has already displayed within another ProcessMaker Screen via a Nested Screen control cannot display again in the same Request. This prevents an infinite loop whereby two ProcessMaker Screens using Nested Screen controls reference each other indefinitely.
    #567: The message is more clear that warns that a Form-type ProcessMaker Screen without a Submit Button control cannot be submitted.
    #568: The setting label and the helper text for the Min Length validation rule now correctly describe that this validation rule checks for a specified minimum length of entered data entered into a control.
    #569: A typographical error is addressed in the message that a Record List control cannot reference its own page for controls to submit records to that control.
    #570: When configuring a Multicolumn/Table control, a message now displays in the following circumstances as guidance for proper configuration:
      The total column width of all columns in the control does not equal 12.
      If you attempt to enter a negative number as the column width for a column.
    #571: After clicking a Page Navigation control to navigate between pages in a multi-page ProcessMaker Screen, the top of the page displays instead of the bottom.
    #572: The Multicolumn/Table control now properly displays custom CSS applied to it.
    #573: The Record List control now properly references the variable names for controls that it references. The variable name is the value entered into the Variable Name setting value for a control.
    #576: An editable record list from a Record List control can now be submitted when one of the controls to submit a record is a required control.
    #592: The following buttons now work properly within a Loop control:
      Page Navigation controls
      Submit Button controls
      The Add Record button to add a record in a Record List control
    #594: Labels now consistently read "Calculated Properties" instead of "Computed Properties" regarding the Calculated Properties function.
    #602: Record lists with more than 50 records properly display.
    #605: Nested ProcessMaker Screens are properly validated before the Screen using the Nested Screen control submits.
    #611: ProcessMaker Screens used in the ProcessMaker Web Entry package can now be nested in a Nested Screen control.
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