ProcessMaker 4.0.5 Release Notes
ProcessMaker version 4.0.5 Release Notes


Release Date: May 26, 2020
ProcessMaker is proud to announce the immediate availability of ProcessMaker version 4.0.5. This update addresses multiple improvements, bug fixes, and known issues.
The ProcessMaker 4 platform makes it easy to create business processes that have the power of applications with our low-code approach using our BPMN 2.0-compliant suite of services so that you can design and deploy automated workflows that deliver true digital agility to your organization.
This document contains Release Notes for ProcessMaker version 4.0.5 core-product functionality that is part of the ProcessMaker open-source edition, and does not describe Release Notes for non-core packages. Release notes are cumulative, and document new features, improvements, bug fixes, and/or known issues associated with this release unless otherwise noted.
ProcessMaker version 4.0.5 core product uses the following versions:
    ProcessMaker Query Language (PMQL): Version 1.1.2
    Process Modeler: Version 0.24.1
    Screen Builder: Version 0.23.20

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This section documents improvements for ProcessMaker version 4.0.5.


    #3082: The Sub Process element now has an additional setting in Process Modeler that configures how a Request for that child Process starts. The child Process is the Process that the Sub Process element references from the parent Process containing that Sub Process element. The new setting is labeled Start Process As with the following options:
      Anonymous: Start the Request anonymously. This is the default setting.
      Previous Assigned User: The ProcessMaker user assigned the previous Task from the parent Process Request may start the child Request.
      Requester: The Requester of the parent Request may start the child Request.
      Users / Groups: A selected ProcessMaker user or members of a ProcessMaker group may start the child Request.
      By User ID: The ProcessMaker user based on a Variable Name value as entered into a ProcessMaker Screen during a previous Task in the parent Request. For example, if a Line Input control in a ProcessMaker Screen has the Variable Name value of Name, to contain a user's name, then the ProcessMaker user associated with that user ID may start the child Request.

Process Modeler

    #2947: Sequence Flow elements in a Process model now have the following improvements:
      Sequence Flow elements support mustache syntax to reference Request variable values.
      Sequence Flow elements support counter functionality by adding 1 to an existing Request variable value.
      Example: {{ VariableName }} + 1, where VariableName is the name of the Request variable to reference its value in the Request data, then add 1.

Screen Builder

    #691: The Validation Rule setting for controls that provide input validation for that control now displays an Update button and Cancel button to set or change parameters for a validation rule.

Bug Fixes

This section documents bug fixes for ProcessMaker version 4.0.5.


    #3084: The revised record list control message (documented in #684 and #687) updates the translation for that revised message. These bug fixes do not affect the ProcessMaker user interface.
    #3088: Screen Builder properly imports ProcessMaker Screens not assigned a Screen Category.
    #3090: When assigning a Task in Process Modeler by using a rule expression, it no longer displays an error in the Request summary and cause that Request's status be Error.
    #3092: If two Script Task elements run their respective ProcessMaker Scripts simultaneously in parallel, one Script cannot overwrite a Request Variable value that the other Script stores but does not change.
    #3095: ProcessMaker Screens with Nested Screen controls now properly export and import. If a Process contains one or more ProcessMaker Screen using the Nested Screen control, the following ProcessMaker assets properly export and import:
      The parent ProcessMaker Screen properly exports and imports. The parent ProcessMaker Screen contains the Nested Screen control(s).
      The child ProcessMaker Screen properly exports and imports. The child ProcessMaker Screen is referenced from the parent Screen containing the Nested Screen control(s).
    #3096: If a Display-Type ProcessMaker Screen's Submit Button control is configured to set a value to another Screen control to trigger a Watcher (introduced in ProcessMaker 4.0.3) then that Screen may now properly import.
    #3098: The About page now properly displays instead of showing a server error.
    #3129: When configuring a new Script Executor from which to build a Dockerfile that runs ProcessMaker Scripts based on that supported programming language, a server error does not occur and a programming language may be selected.

Screen Builder

    #681: Using a Loop control in the following ways function as expected:
      After placing a control into a Loop control, and then moving that placed control out of and above the Loop control properly moves that control out of the Loop control.
      After placing a control above a Loop control, and then placing that control into the Loop control properly moves that control into the Loop control.
    #683: The Web browser console no longer displays console errors when clicking the Add button in Preview mode to add a record in an editable Record List control.
    #684 and #687: The message that indicates when a Record List control contains no records now reads the following for greater clarity: This record list is empty or contains no data..
    #685: Screen Builder now does not show validation errors until the following events occur:
      If the content in a control does not meet validation set for that control.
      When the ProcessMaker Screen is submitted, the following validation occurs:
        All controls in that ProcessMaker Screen undergo native Screen Builder validation.
        If that ProcessMaker Screen contains custom CSS in the Custom CSS screen, custom CSS rules are validated.
    #686, #689, and #690: Records from a Record List control properly display from within a column of a Multicolumn / Table control.
    #694: The Line Input control now properly displays Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) dates in Preview mode when its data type is set to date or datetime.
    #715: Large single-page ProcessMaker Screens no longer freeze when opened.
    #720: The following validation rules now properly function with the Date Picker control:
      After Date
      After or Equal to Date
      Before Date
      Before or Equal to Date
      Between Min & Max
      Max Length
      Min Length
      Not In
      Required Unless
    #723: When a Checkbox control is configured to be selected by default, that default selection now properly enter that Request's data when that ProcessMaker Screen is submitted.

Known Issues

This section documents known issues for ProcessMaker version 4.0.5.

Screen Builder

    Watchers do not properly trigger when monitoring the initial selection of a Select List control. For example, when a Watcher monitors when a country is selected from one Select List control, the states and/or provinces in another Select List control do not load that country's states/provinces as options upon the initial selection from the first Select List control. A Request participant must make that selection again from the Select List control that the Watcher monitors for its selection.
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