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Preview a Screen and Its JSON Data Model

Preview your ProcessMaker Screen, and view how users would enter control data into the Screen's JSON data model.


To allow ProcessMaker Screens to be used among any Process, they are represented in JSON format. Processes are also represented as JSON data models that pass Request data to Tasks defined in the Process model. Preview how data in your ProcessMaker Screen is passed to JSON data models.

Use Preview mode in the following ways:

  • In the Data Input section of the Inspector panel, experiment with how JSON data models for different Processes interact with the JSON data model for your ProcessMaker Screen. In the Data Input section, enter a JSON data model as your ProcessMaker Screen's data input.

  • In the Data Preview section of the Inspector panel, view how the ProcessMaker Screen's controls you configured in Design mode use data in a JSON data model. In the Data Preview section, view the JSON data model as you enter information into your previewed ProcessMaker Screen. Viewing the JSON data model can be helpful to see how values are entered into the ProcessMaker Screen and how that data may affect other JSON data models.

  • Understand how different JSON data models may affect ProcessMaker Scripts. ProcessMaker Developers can use a ProcessMaker Screen's JSON data model as variable input to a ProcessMaker Script. The JSON data model from a ProcessMaker Screen becomes the variables that ProcessMaker Developers can use to capture what Request participants enter into or view from a Screen.

Screen Builder displaying JSON input and output data models in Preview mode

Are you a ProcessMaker Developer developing ProcessMaker Scripts? See Scripts Editor.

Preview JSON Data Models in a ProcessMaker Screen

Your ProcessMaker user account or group membership must have the following permissions to preview a ProcessMaker Screen unless your user account has the Make this user a Super Admin setting selected:

  • Screens: Edit Screens

  • Screens: View Screens

See the ProcessMaker Screens permissions or ask your ProcessMaker Administrator for assistance.

Follow these guidelines to preview a ProcessMaker Screen and how JSON data models interact with your Screen:

  1. Open the ProcessMaker Screen. The ProcessMaker Screen is in Design mode.

  2. Click the Preview button.

  3. Optionally, in the Data Input section of the Inspector panel, enter a JSON data model. This JSON data model may come from a Process's Request data or another ProcessMaker Screen. As you enter a JSON data model, the Screen Validation indicator displays if your JSON schema has any errors that prevents validation.

  4. Enter values into the controls as if you were using the ProcessMaker Screen in a Request. The Data Preview panel displays the JSON data model using the preview data you enter.

Data Preview panel displays a JSON data model in Preview mode

Calculated properties also display in the Data Preview panel as part of the JSON data model. See Manage Calculated Properties.

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