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What is a Screen?

Understand how to use Screens in ProcessMaker.


In ProcessMaker, a Screen presents information for a person to interact with or view. A form is an example of a ProcessMaker Screen. Any ProcessMaker Screen can be re-used in any Process. Many Processes require the same type of information be gathered, such as a person's name, email address, and other business information. In other words, "design once, use anywhere."

In simple forms, ProcessMaker Screens can display information. However, ProcessMaker Screens also allow people to interact with Request information. Below are a few ways Request participants can interact with ProcessMaker Screens:

  • Enter information into a Request.

  • Review information and then approve or reject a Request.

  • Upload or download documents as attachments to a Request.

  • Display information from ProcessMaker Script output.

There are many ways Process Owners design ProcessMaker Screens to meet the needs of their Processes. Savvy Process Owners design ProcessMaker Screens for multiple re-use across their organizations.

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