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What is a Script Category?
Understand what Script Categories are and how they can help organize your Scripts.


Use Script Categories to organize your Scripts. Organizing your Scripts into Categories makes it easier to search for a Script based on its assigned Category. Assign multiple Script Categories to a Script if necessary. For example, assign a Script named "Database Call" to the "Database Scripts" and "Data Management" Script Categories.
"Categories" tab on the "Scripts" page displays all Script Categories in your organization
Script Categories can be in active or inactive status. Following is a description of each status:
    Active: Active Script Categories can have Scripts assigned to them.
    Inactive: Inactive Script Categories cannot have Scripts assigned to them.
ProcessMaker has multiple Category types for different types of assets. Each Category type is distinct from the others and can only be used for its type of ProcessMaker asset. Following is a description of each Category type:

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