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What is a Script?

Understand what a Script does in ProcessMaker.


In ProcessMaker, Scripts allow Process Owners and ProcessMaker Developers to write self-contained programmatic actions that can be called from any Process at run-time. The same ProcessMaker Script can be deployed in any Process model. In other words, "write once, use anywhere."

Scripts Editor evaluates a ProcessMaker Script securely and in isolation. This ensures that any malicious script that anyone in your organization might inadvertently introduce to ProcessMaker does not affect the ProcessMaker application or its environment.

While writing a ProcessMaker Script, test it before you deploy it. ProcessMaker Scripts are tested within the authoring environment to ensure they function as intended. While testing, do the following:

During run-time, ProcessMaker Scripts run within isolated containers for greater security: Scripts never have access to your organizational IT structure. After the ProcessMaker Script runs and returns output to the Request, the container that isolated and ran the script automatically removes itself.

ProcessMaker supports the following programming languages and their corresponding software development kits (SDKs) in the open-source edition:

  • PHP and SDK

  • Lua and SDK

  • JavaScript and SDK

ProcessMaker Enterprise edition supports the following additional programming languages and their corresponding SDKs:

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