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What is a Process?

Understand what Processes are in ProcessMaker.


Making Process design easy and efficient for any type of process is one of ProcessMaker's core tenets. Let's first understand what a Process is and how it serves you and your business:

  • A Process is a set of steps and decisions to document how to complete a particular goal, often as efficiently as possible.

  • A Process may involve people or be completely automated through scripting.

  • A Process can integrate with external third-party systems and legacy applications to extend their functionality.

  • Use ProcessMaker to design a model of a Process. The Process model is a graphical representation of the Process.

  • ProcessMaker uses the Process model as the Process definition to run Requests of that Process. A Request is one occurrence of a Process.

It’s easy for business analysts and business managers to model Processes. Business analysts and business managers understand the business processes that they use in their organizations, and they want to define and improve those processes. For example, business analysts want to learn how much time and money is spent to do work in their organizations, and they want to optimize those processes. In ProcessMaker, we refer to these business experts as “Process Owners.”

Any Process designed in or exported from ProcessMaker is BPMN 2.0 compliant. Furthermore, any process to be imported to ProcessMaker must be BPMN 2.0 compliant.

To learn more about how to model a Process in ProcessMaker, see Process Modeling.

RPA ProcessMaker Integration

The following video demonstrates how ProcessMaker integrates with third-party services Amazon Textract and UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA) so a loan application workflow scans, analyzes, and intelligently routes a Request and provision a bot accordingly.

  • Intended audience: Process designers and business analysts

  • Viewing time: 11 minutes; contains narration

Video demonstration how ProcessMaker integrates with third-party services and RPAs

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