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Available Packages from ProcessMaker

These are packages available from ProcessMaker that extend functionality from the ProcessMaker open-source edition.
Here are the articles in this section:
Actions By Email Package
Request participants can make decisions via email with the click of a button.
Advanced Screen Package
Design your own advanced forms using HTML syntax and JavaScript.
Advanced User Package
Establish hierarchy in your organization to be able to escalate Tasks to an assignee's manager, delegate work to another...
C# Package
Develop Scripts using C# programming language.
Collections Package
Create multiple sets of schema-less data records using Screens that do not require an external database.
Comments Package
Comment in Task summaries with other users.
Conversational Forms Package
Design functional rule-based modern chat style forms using ProcessMaker Screens.
Data Connector Package
Access both Collection records and third-party data sources from any ProcessMaker asset, including Screens, Scripts, and...
Documentation Package
Documentation for your Processes that includes an image of the Process map, lists all its elements and connectors, and t...
Dynamic UI Package
Manage dashboards that display BMI and KPI metrics for stakeholders. Manage top-level menus that link to often-used Proc...
File Manager Package
Upload, preview and download documents during your Processes' Requests.
Google Places Package
Request participants can auto-complete street, location, and/or business addresses entered into a Screen control.
Java Package
Develop Scripts using Java programming language.
PDF Generator Package
Automatically generate PDFs of Display-type Screens in a Process.
Process Optimization Package
Optimize workflow in your Process model by visually evaluating its workflow through its Sequence Flow elements without a...
Python Package
Develop Scripts using Python programming language.
R Package
Develop Scripts using R programming language.
SAML Package
Single sign-on (SSO) users to your ProcessMaker instance.
Saved Searches Package
Save and share search queries associated with Requests and Tasks.
Send Email Package
Send emails automatically during your Processes' Requests.
Signature Package
Allows the user to include a personalized signature on a Screen.
Slack Notification Package
Send automatic notifications to Slack channels during Requests.
Translations Package
View translations of the ProcessMaker user interface in German, Spanish, and French languages. Change the labels and mes...
Versioning Package
Manage and maintain multiple versions of your Processes, Screens and Scripts.
Vocabularies Package
Maintain uniform JSON schemas for all ProcessMaker assets in your organization.
Web Entry Package
Allow anonymous or authenticated users to start or participate in Requests via a published URL.