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Advanced Screen Package
Design your own advanced forms using HTML syntax and JavaScript.


The Advanced Screen package must be installed.
Use the Advanced Screen package to design your own advanced forms using HTML syntax and JavaScript. This is an ideal solution for highly technical designers to create their own form designs and functionality.
When the Advanced Screen package is installed, create a new Screen using the Advanced Screen type. Screen Builder displays a template that contains a sample Advanced-type Screen.
The Advanced Screen type is a highly technical solution only for advanced HTML and JavaScript designers intended only for specific solutions. ProcessMaker Support cannot support nor troubleshoot advanced forms.
As a best practice when developing Advanced-type Screens, design your Screen outside of ProcessMaker to test its functionality, and then copy-and-paste your code into Screen Builder to test your Screen in Requests, Tasks or Collections. The Advanced Screen type cannot be previewed in Screen Builder.
Please use at your own risk.
See the Advanced Screen type for a template from which to begin designing an Advanced Screen.

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