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Collections Package

Create multiple sets of schema-less data records using ProcessMaker Screens that do not require an external database.


The Collections package is not available in the ProcessMaker open-source edition. Contact ProcessMaker Sales or ask your ProcessMaker sales representative how the Collections package can be installed in your ProcessMaker instance.

Use the Collections package to maintain sets of schema-less data records using ProcessMaker Screens, each referred to as a ProcessMaker Collection. The Collections package has the following features:

  • An external database is not required to store ProcessMaker Collections. ProcessMaker Collections are maintained in the ProcessMaker instance.

  • Define the record using ProcessMaker Screens, which makes it easy for any ProcessMaker user to view, create, or edit record data if they have the appropriate permission(s) to do so.

  • Import a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file into a ProcessMaker Collection to simultaneously create multiple records from the CSV file's data records.

  • The Collections package integrates with the Saved Searches and Data Connector packages:

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