What is a Group?

Understand what groups are in ProcessMaker.


In ProcessMaker, a group is a set of users and/or other groups that have the following attributes:
Groups make it easy to manage multiple users and other categorize other groups in your organization.

Attributes of Groups Within Groups

Organizing multiple groups within one group makes it easy and flexible to configure many group members with the same set of permissions. The following attributes apply to configuring multiple groups within another:
  • Notifications: When a member of one child group triggers an event, such as starting a Request, all members in all child groups within the parent group may potentially receive that notification depending on that Request's conditions and how the notification settings for that Request are configured. For email notifications, the Send Email package must be installed.
  • Task assignment to the Group Manager: When a Task is assigned to the group manager, that Task assigns to the group manager configured to the parent group. The group managers to the child groups within the parent group are ignored.