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Dashboard Design Best Practices
Consider the following best practices and considerations when designing dashboards for your business stakeholders.

Understand What Your Stakeholders Need

Understand what information your business stakeholders need to either take action on information or make that information easier to do. Understanding what your stakeholders need guides you in how to design the Display-type Screens to provide that information. Consider the following examples.
Stakeholder Need
Design Guidance
Manager needs an overview of team progress and status.
Include Save Search Charts that show Request and Task status and when each started to provide insight on team member progress.
Team starts Requests for the same Processes frequently.
Use Rich Text controls with "button" images that link to Processes that may be started via Web Entry. See Locate the URL to Start a Request Via Web Entry.
Employees need information and files.
Design a homepage or portal that provides employee information and files employees may download via File Download controls.

Design a ProcessMaker Screen to Contain Your Dashboard

Prior to creating a dashboard, ensure that the following ProcessMaker assets exist for a dashboard:
    A Display-type Screen must contain the content for your dashboard. If the specific Screen for this dashboard does not exist, create that Screen.
    While a dashboard may contain any content that a Display-type Screen supports, consider any of the following for an effective dashboard:
    Design the Screen as intended to display the dashboard's content.

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