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Menu Design Best Practices
Consider the following best practices and considerations when designing custom menus for your business stakeholders.

Menu Design Considerations

Consider the following when designing custom menus. When configuring a menu, ensure that your business stakeholders have access to each link's location. Many of the following considerations also pertain to configuring which URL to redirect a user or members of a group when they next log on.
Generally, when a user cannot access a ProcessMaker location or asset, ProcessMaker displays Unauthorized to that user.
As a best practice, do not assign multiple groups with different menus. Though menus configured to each user supersede those to configured to groups, ProcessMaker cannot display two menus simultaneously to a user because different menus are assigned to separate groups.

Link to Start a Request via Web Entry

Designing menu links that allow users and group members to start Requests via Web Entry saves time and allows those users to easily remember commonly started Requests.
Ensure that the Process for which to start a Request from a custom menu link allows authenticated user and/or group Web Entry, and all users that have access to the menu also may start Requests via Web Entry.
Ensure that all users/group members that use the menu or redirect to a Collection have the following:
Ensure that all users/group members that use the menu or redirect to a Saved Search have been shared the Saved Search.

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