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What is a Menu?
Understand what a custom menu is in ProcessMaker.


A custom menu replaces the default top menu that displays in ProcessMaker. Each item in the custom menu is a hyperlink that specific users and/or group members configured to view that menu may select to go to that hyperlink's destination. A well-designed custom menu organizes important, relevant hyperlinks to destinations that user or group members visit frequently, such as the following:
    Collections for users who have access to those Collections can more easily access them after those users log on.
    Saved Searches for users who have been shared those Saved Searches can more easily access them.
    Requests that users start often.
    External links your organization visits frequently, such as your organization's portal.
For example, create one menu for your Sales team members that provides links to the in-progress Requests location and their Saved Searches they use to monitor their KPIs, but another menu for all users to access Human Resources information.
Design custom menus with the Dynamic UI package.

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