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View Recent Jobs

View recent ProcessMaker jobs.


Queue Management displays a table of recently run jobs in the Recent Jobs panel.

Follow these steps to view the Recent Jobs panel in Queue Management:

  1. ‚ÄčView Queue Management. The Dashboard displays.

  2. Select the Recent Jobs link. The Recent Jobs panel displays.

"Recent Jobs" panel displays recently run jobs

The Recent Jobs panel displays the following information about recently run jobs:

  • Job: The Job column displays the name of the recently run job.

  • On: The On column displays the name of the queue from which the job ran.

  • Tags: The Tags column displays the tag(s) associated with the job.

  • Queued At: The Queued At column displays the date and time in which the job entered its queue.

  • Runtime: The Runtime column displays how much time in seconds the recently run job took to complete.

If more than 25 jobs display in the Recent Jobs panel, then the following occurs:

  • The Next navigation button displays.

  • The Previous navigation button enables.

Use the Next and Previous navigation buttons to navigate multiple pages of recently run jobs.

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