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What is DocuSign?
Understand what DocuSign is and how you can integrate it in your server environment.


The DocuSign package must be installed.
DocuSign is a document management software that offers solutions for preparing, signing, and managing documents electronically. ProcessMaker uses DocuSign's API to allow Process designers to seamlessly integrate DocuSign's eSignature functionality in a Process.
After the DocuSign package is installed, the DocuSign connector integrates into Process Modeler. Use the DocuSign connector in your Process models as a BPMN element: drag and place the DocuSign connector into your Process model, configure its settings, and then add its incoming and outgoing Sequence Flow elements.
The DocuSign connector uses DocuSign templates and recipient roles to send documents for eSignatures. Documents are sent through email to internal and external users as part of a Process. During a Request, when the DocuSign connector triggers, workflow routing can be configured in one of the following ways:
  • The Request pauses until the assigned user signs the document.
  • The Request's workflow resumes independently of the document's signing status.
For information on DocuSign templates and recipient roles, refer to Working with Templates - DocuSign eSignature User Guide.
Using the DocuSign package is a multi-step process involving these user roles:
  • System Administrators: An Administrator configures DocuSign server settings to ensure access to your DocuSign server.
  • Process Designers: A Process Designer configures the DocuSign connector in a Process to email documents for eSignatures to the intended recipients.
  • Recipients or document signers: The recipients access the documents through an email sent by DocuSign and sign them. The documents can be signed by both ProcessMaker or external users.
Follow these guidelines to use the DocuSign package:

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