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What is a User Extended Property?
Understand what user extended properties are and how they apply to all users.


Part of the Advanced User package, User Extended Properties provide additional profile settings available to all user accounts. User Extended Properties setting allows Administrators to store additional information in user accounts. User Extended Properties display in the Additional Information section when editing a user account.
User Extended Properties are comprised of two parts: the JSON data variable name and the label. This JSON data variable becomes available as part of the user data object. The label displays in the Additional Information section.
To configure User Extended Properties, visit the Admin Settings page, and then select the Users tab and click on the Edit icon to open the Extended Properties management modal.
For example, add User Extended Properties to attribute information for Human Resources, such as the hiring date, onboarding date, offboarding date, and office location for each user in the organization.
User Extended Properties that are available to all user accounts
Configure User Extended Properties from the Users tab in Settings. See View User Extended Properties.

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