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What is User Interface Language Management?
Learn how to manage the natural language translations in your ProcessMaker instance.

Display English- and Non-English Language Labels in the User Interface

The ProcessMaker user interface by default is in English. However, ProcessMaker provides the following translations of the user interface:
The Translations package displays each label and message in the ProcessMaker user interface in these four languages. For each label or message, the Translations package displays the default English language as well as each non-English language. When the Language setting is changed in a user profile or user account, ProcessMaker displays the appropriate labels and messages for that selected language. Changing the Language setting only affects that selected user account.
If the Translations package is not installed, ProcessMaker only displays the default English-language user interface labels and messages. Furthermore, the Language setting in user profiles and user accounts is not available.

Edit Labels and Messages in Your ProcessMaker User Interface

Optionally, use the Translations package to edit the labels and messages that display in your ProcessMaker instance. This may be useful for the following reasons:
    Replace ProcessMaker branding with our own: Your organization uses specific branding and/or terminology that you want displayed throughout your ProcessMaker instance. In this regard, you are replacing ProcessMaker's branding with your own.
    ProcessMaker is white-labeled: As a partner using ProcessMaker for your client, your client may want you to white-label ProcessMaker: hide all ProcessMaker branding and terminology and replace it with theirs.
When replacing branding and/or white-labeling ProcessMaker, customize the colors in the ProcessMaker user interface to show your organization's or client's color palette.
Note that if you edit the default English-language labels and messages, you are responsible for ensuring that the non-English translations match your English-language revisions and are accurate.

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