Access ProcessMaker API Documentation

Access ProcessMaker API documentation from your ProcessMaker instance.


Despite the ProcessMaker user interface, ProcessMaker operates entirely from a REST API. ProcessMaker Administrators and developers may want to access the ProcessMaker API documentation to understand how to use endpoints or to consider how to extend ProcessMaker functionality for their own use cases.

You must have the following to access the ProcessMaker API documentation:

  • You must know the base URL to your ProcessMaker instance. Example:

  • You must have a ProcessMaker user account so that the ProcessMaker API can authenticate you. See Create a New User Account.

  • You must be logged on to your ProcessMaker user account.

Access API Documentation

Follow these steps to access the ProcessMaker API documentation:

  1. ‚ÄčLog on to ProcessMaker.

  2. Open a new Web browser tab or window.

  3. Append api/documentation to the end of your ProcessMaker instance's base URL. Example: The ProcessMaker API documentation displays.

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