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ProcessMaker is a next-generation intelligent business process management software (iBPMs) platform for the enterprise to easily design and implement BPMN 2.0 compliant business processes within a modern and extensible system.

ProcessMaker is a low-code, intelligent BPM platform for enterprises that want to get to, and stay ahead of, digital transformation. ProcessMaker orchestrates both people, processes, and systems to build strong, future-proof companies to outlast the competition and become engines for innovation.

Our latest release empowers business users and developers alike to use the most cutting-edge workflow automation tools to digitally transform any business for success. ProcessMaker builds on popular BPM and workflow features and contains elegant functionality in our most powerful platform yet.

Our goal for ProcessMaker is to deliver simplicity, but to allow complexity. ProcessMaker is easy to use, and allows you to design customized processes and end-user experiences.

Use This Document Based on How You Use ProcessMaker

This document is organized based on how different roles use ProcessMaker. Refer to the following roles:

ProcessMaker Administrator

A ProcessMaker Administrator installs ProcessMaker on-premises. (On-premises installations are not necessary for ProcessMaker Enterprise cloud deployments.) A ProcessMaker Administrator also performs administrative tasks in ProcessMaker.

Refer to the Install ProcessMaker section that includes the following topics:

Refer to the ProcessMaker Administration section that includes the following topics:

Learn about how to extend ProcessMaker functioning by adding packages.

Process Owner

A Process Owner designs and maintains ProcessMaker Processes that both people use to make Requests.

Refer to the Manage and Model Processes section that includes the following topics:

Learn about ProcessMaker Collections and extending ProcessMaker functionality by adding packages.

ProcessMaker Developer

A ProcessMaker Developer extends out-of-the-box ProcessMaker functionality in the following ways:

ProcessMaker User

A ProcessMaker user is a person whose only interaction with ProcessMaker is to start, cancel, and/or participate in Requests.

Refer to the Using ProcessMaker section that includes the following topics:

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