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Log On to ProcessMaker

Log on to ProcessMaker using your ProcessMaker credentials.

Log On

Having Problems Logging On?

Please contact your ProcessMaker Administrator if you do not know either of the following:

  • the web address to access the ProcessMaker log in page

  • your ProcessMaker log in credentials

Did you forget your password? See Reset Your Password.

Minimum Requirements

Ensure that the device from which you are logging on to ProcessMaker meets the following requirements:

  • Your web browser application on your device is the latest version of one of the following browsers:

    • Apple Safari

    • Google Chrome

    • Microsoft Edge

    • Mozilla Firefox

  • Your display is at least 1200 by 720 pixel resolution.

Follow these steps to log on to ProcessMaker:

  1. Enter the IP address (or domain name) and port number for the server or instance hosting ProcessMaker in a supported web browser. Follow these guidelines:


    For example, if running ProcessMaker at the IP address from the port 3018, then enter:

    If the web address is correct, the ProcessMaker log in page displays.

  2. In the Username field, enter your ProcessMaker username.

  3. In the Password field, enter your ProcessMaker password.

  4. Optionally, select the Remember me check box to not enter your log in credentials in the future.

  5. Click Log In. If the log in credentials are correct, the My Requests page displays.

Reset Your Password

Follow these steps to reset your ProcessMaker password:

  1. Access the ProcessMaker log in page as described in Log On. If you do not know the web address to access the ProcessMaker log on page, ask your ProcessMaker Administrator for assistance.

  2. Click the Forgot Password? link as highlighted below.

    The Forgot Your Password? page displays.

  3. In the Email Address field, enter the email address to which to send a reset link.

    If you enter an email address which your ProcessMaker instance does not recognize, the following message displays in red-colored text below the Email Address field: We can't find a user with that email address.

  4. Click Request Reset Link.

  5. Check your email for the instructions to reset your password.

  6. After you select the link in that email to reset your password, click the Back to Login link to return to the log in page.

  7. Log on to ProcessMaker as described in Log On.

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