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Profile Settings

Personalize your ProcessMaker profile.

Access Your Profile

Follow these steps to access your profile settings:

  1. Log on to ProcessMaker.

  2. Click your user avatar, and then select Profile.

    The Profile page displays. See Change Your Profile Settings.

Change Your Profile Settings

Passwords must adhere to the following protocol:

Follow these steps to change your profile settings:

  1. Access your profile. The Profile page displays.

  2. The ProcessMaker Administrator may have entered some profile settings when your user account was created. Follow these guidelines to change your profile information as necessary:

    • In the Name section, change the following information:

      • In the First Name field, enter your first name. This is a required field.

      • In the Last Name field, enter your last name. This is a required field.

    • In the Contact Information section, change the following information:

      • In the Email field, enter your business email address. This is a required field.

      • In the Phone field, enter your business telephone or cell phone number.

    • In the Address section, change the following information:

      • In the Address field, enter your business address.

      • In the City field, enter the city for your business address.

      • From the State or Region drop-down menu, select the state, region, or province for the person's business address.

      • In the Postal Code field, enter your business postal code.

      • From the Country drop-down menu, select the country for your business address.

    • In the Localization section, change the following information:

      • In the Date Format drop-down menu, select the format for how dates are displayed from the following options:

        • m/d/Y (12/31/2017)

        • m/d/Y h:i A (12/31/2017 11:30 pm)

        • m/d/Y H:i (12/31/2017 23:30)

        • d/m/Y (31/12/2017)

        • d/m/Y (31/12/2017 23:30)

        • Y/m/d (2017/12/31)

        • Y/m/d H:i (2017/12/31 23:30)

      • From the Time Zone drop-down menu, select the time zone in which to display times.

      • From the Language drop-down menu, select in which language to display ProcessMaker labels. Note that English-language is the default language and the only natural language provided for the ProcessMaker open-source edition. However, if the Translations package is installed to your ProcessMaker instance, you may display the ProcessMaker user interface labels and messages to German-, Spanish-, or French-language. Changing this profile setting only affects this ProcessMaker user account. Contact ProcessMaker Sales or ask your ProcessMaker sales representative how the Translations package can be installed in your ProcessMaker instance.

        Optionally, select one of the following non-English languages if the Translations package is installed in your ProcessMaker instance:

        • German: Select the de option.

        • Spanish: Select the es option.

        • French: Select the fr option.

  3. Click the avatar image to change the avatar for the ProcessMaker user account if necessary. If there is no avatar image, the initials of your full name display. When the avatar image is selected, the Upload Avatar screen displays to select a new avatar image. Click the Browse button to locate the new avatar image. After selecting the new image, adjust its size for display, and then click Continue from the Upload Avatar screen.

  4. In the Username field, change your username if necessary. This is a required field.

  5. Follow these guidelines to change your password if necessary:

    • In the New Password field, enter your new password. Leave the New Password field blank to keep the current password. Password validation indicates how strong your password is if you enter a new password.

    • In the Confirm Password field, confirm that the password matches that entered into the New Password field if a new password is entered. If you entered a new password, password validation indicates if the New Password and Confirm Password values do not match.

  6. Click Save. The following message displays: Your profile was saved.

View Another User's Profile Information

To view another user's profile information, click that person's avatar.

Click a user's avatar to view that person's user profile information

After clicking the avatar, that person's profile information displays. Each ProcessMaker user is responsible for profile content.

Viewing a user's profile information

Hover your cursor over a user's avatar to view that person's full name.

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