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Overview of Saved Search Report Schedules
Understand how ProcessMaker schedules emailed reports of a Saved Search's results.


ProcessMaker Package Required

To schedule reports for a Saved Search's results, the Saved Searches package must be installed.
Schedule an interval in which to email reports of a Saved Search's search results. Multiple reports can be scheduled for the same Saved Search, thereby sending reports to different stakeholders in the search results at different intervals. For example, schedule to send your subordinates a daily report of a Saved Search's search results, but send executives a weekly report.
Additionally to emailing a report once for the currently displayed search results, in a scheduled interval you may do the following:
  • Use an Email-type Screen instead of a manually entered email body.
  • Send a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.XLSX file type) instead of a comma-separated values .CSV) file.
Email recipients receive the Saved Search results as an attachment to the email. The email recipients for each scheduled report do not vary each time the report is sent. Separate multiple email recipients using commas. If you need to vary the email recipients for scheduled reports, create different schedules for each set of emailed recipients.

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