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Session Timeout Warning

Receive a warning that your ProcessMaker log on session is almost expired.

Session Timeout Warning

If you have not interacted with the ProcessMaker application in 120 minutes (two hours), ProcessMaker warns you that your log on session is almost expired. If your log on session expires, you will lose any unsaved work that may include any of the following:

  • Information that you started entering into a Task but did not submit (thereby completing the Task) is lost.

  • Any Process model changes that you made since the last time you saved the model are lost.

  • Any ProcessMaker Script changes that you made since the last time you saved the Script are lost.

  • Any ProcessMaker Screen changes that you made since the last time you saved the Screen are lost.

  • Any ProcessMaker user account or group changes you made but have not yet saved are lost.

As long as you are saving changes in the ProcessMaker application, the session time out period does not begin to expire.

When 10% of the session timeout remains, a session timeout notice displays.

Log on session timeout warning

Click the Stay Connected button to renew your session before the timer indicator displays 00:00. Otherwise, ProcessMaker logs you off automatically and any unsaved work is lost.

If your session times out, you will need to log on again to continue using ProcessMaker.

If ProcessMaker is configured to only allow one device per user account be logged on to that ProcessMaker instance, ProcessMaker immediately logs you off if your user account logs on with a second device. When this occurs, the following message displays above the log on settings: Your account has been timed out for security.

To enable this security feature in your ProcessMaker instance, ask for more information from ProcessMaker Support.

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