AI Process Generation

With ProcessMaker AI you can now save significant time and effort required to build a process. Our revolutionary AI technology facilitates rapid creation of new processes, catering to all users, regardless of their experience or technical background. All you need to do is provide a description of the process you need, and ProcessMaker AI will generate a BPMN process model based on your description.
If you're not fully satisfied with the initial output, you can modify your description, and our AI will generate updated process maps accordingly. Additionally, you can easily access all the previous versions in the History tab, making it convenient to track and revert changes if needed.
Good to know: ProcessMaker AI can generate BPMN process models in multiple languages as well.

Use ProcessMaker AI to Build a Process

Watch the demo below to learn how to use ProcessMaker AI to automatically build a process, or access our interactive tour for step-by-step instructions.
Auto Play
Interactive Tour

Additional Resources

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