Note: The platform used to be called Workfellow, so there might be references to that in the documentation.

ProcessMaker Process Intelligence is a platform-as-a-service solution enabling organizations to swiftly access vast amounts of business process data and receive pre-processed insights, enhancing operational excellence. Key business benefits include:

  • Data-driven decision-making through real-time visibility into business processes and associated metrics.

  • Reduced manual workload by identifying and validating opportunities for development, optimization, and automation.

  • Enhanced digitalization and efficiency through continuous monitoring and optimization of digital system utilization.

Process Intelligence Platform gathers business process data through Agents analyzing selected business applications. This novel approach does not need traditional system-specific integrations which results in the shortest setup time as well as giving unique and actionable insights to achieve greater business results. Customers have high self-service capabilities to control the service, connect new teams, and define data to be collected and visualized.

The platform includes three major components:

  • Agent - Local software running in the background of the source computers. It is responsible for collecting business process data based on a customer-defined instruction set (opt-in and allow-listing) and sending data to the Process Intelligence Platform over HTTPS/TLS.

  • AI Analysis - A cloud-based service that transforms the data into insights by using algorithms. Standard insights are automatically delivered and the customer can configure the service for more granular level business insights based on business needs.

  • Process Intelligence App or Dashboard - Displays insights for the customer to create and simulate various improvement scenarios and to follow up on the impact of improvement activities done in near real time. It is also the interface for the customer to configure the Platform based on their needs.

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