Learn about improvements to previously released features that are now available in ProcessMaker version 4.1 for ProcessMaker build 4.1.16.
These release notes document new improvements available in ProcessMaker version 4.1.16. Release notes are documented in alphabetical order by package.
ProcessMaker 4.1 is build 4.1.16. Release notes after this release are listed as ProcessMaker 4.1.17.
Hyperlinks to the issues in these release notes are not publicly available.

Auth SAML Package

    FOUR-2297: ProcessMaker Administrators may debug SAML configurations. The following logs record calls and returns when debugging is enabled:
      log on attempt
      successful log on
      ProcessMaker user does not exist
      ProcessMaker user ID exists but is inactive or deleted
      an expected email attribute ATTRIB is missing
    View the logs by doing one of the following:
      From the command line, use the following command: php artisan package-auth-saml:debug.
      Add SAML_DEBUG=TRUE to the .env file, and then view the logs in the storage/logs directory.

Collections Package

    FOUR-2830: After a new or existing ProcessMaker Collection record is saved, that record's view displays with additions/changes.


    ProcessMaker core is built on Laravel version 6 from which Laravel provides long term support.
    ProcessMaker core requires PHP 7.3 or later.
    FOUR-1256: ProcessMaker Scripts properly get the value of an Environment Variable.
    FOUR-2274, child of FOUR-1998: ProcessMaker core components are updated, including but not limited to the following:
      JavaScript frameworks: Backbone.js and Vue.js
      JavaScript libraries: jQuery, Loadash, and Moment.js
      Others: Bootstrap and webpack
    FOUR-2275, child of FOUR-1998: A formal use and terms of service warning displays on the ProcessMaker log on page and on the bottom of the Customize UI page.
    FOUR-2276, child of FOUR-1998: For enhanced security, ProcessMaker logs a ProcessMaker user out from other logged on devices without invalidating the session on the current device. Use this improvement when changing your password, thereby invalidating sessions on other devices, without invalidating your current session on your current device.
    FOUR-2277, child of FOUR-1998: For enhanced security, each ProcessMaker user page contains the Security Logs tab that displays each user's successful and unsuccessful log on and log out attempt. Each log entry contains the following information about each log event:
      whether the user logs on or logs out
      the IP address from which the user logged on
      from which Web browser the user logged on
      from which operating system the user logged on
      the datetime the logging event occurred
    FOUR-2278, child of FOUR-1998: The log out warning screen functionality is improved. Furthermore, if the session times out, the ProcessMaker log on page displays a message that the user's account has logged out for security purposes.
    FOUR-2279, child of FOUR-1998: For enhanced security, ProcessMaker by default no longer caches in the Web browser.
    FOUR-2539: ProcessMaker supports datetime formats YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM and DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM as specified by ISO 8601.

Data Connector Package

    FOUR-2535: Designing how a ProcessMaker Data Connector connects with a data source is now more intuitive with the revised user interface.

Dynamic UI Package

    FOUR-2671: ProcessMaker users with the Make this user a Super Admin setting can view, edit, and delete Dynamic UI dashboards that they did not create.

Process Modeler

    FOUR-1419: Double-clicking on a Process model element or connector highlights that node's name in the Configuration panel to more quickly rename it.
    FOUR-2222: Assign Tasks from Form Task and Manual Task elements more easily with the redesigned user interface.
    FOUR-2280: Form Task and Manual Task elements may display a specified ProcessMaker Screen as the Task loads.
    FOUR-2627: The sidebar properly displays in the Documentation panel when documenting Process model element descriptions.

Saved Searches Package

    FOUR-2449, FOUR-2450: Save search results only display columns affected by that Saved Search to decrease the amount of time to display the results and the data payload.

Screen Builder

    Screen Builder version 2 is built with the latest core components.
    The Watchers user interface is improved to use Data Connectors from the Data Connector package.
    FOUR-2504: The Nested Screen control may be used with Display-type ProcessMaker Screens.
    FOUR-2548: The ProcessMaker Screen types from the Type setting in the Create a Screen screen are alphabetized.

Signature Package

    FOUR-2435: The Signature control automatically saves an entered signature, though that signature is not committed until after the Request participant submits the ProcessMaker Screen.
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