Learn about improvements to previously released features that are now available in ProcessMaker version 4.2 for ProcessMaker build 4.2.30.
These release notes document new improvements available in ProcessMaker version 4.2.30. Platform section documents new improvements also available in the ProcessMaker open-source edition. Improvements to Enterprise packages are documented in alphabetical order below the Platform section.
ProcessMaker version 4.2.30 is compatible to upgrade from any ProcessMaker version 4.x. ProcessMaker version 4.2 introduces many new features and improvements that were introduced in ProcessMaker version 4.2.29.
See the following important sections that describe changes to ProcessMaker version 4.2.30 from previous ProcessMaker 4 versions:
See the following sections of ProcessMaker version 4.2.29 Release Notes:


Custom Email Footers

As necessary, a ProcessMaker CloudOps engineer may add a custom email footer that displays at the bottom of all emails distributed by your ProcessMaker instance.

Custom HTML Headers

As necessary, a ProcessMaker CloudOps engineer may add HTML to the head tag of your ProcessMaker instance so that custom HTML displays. This may include custom CSS or script injections for analytics platforms.

Dynamic UI Package

Custom Favicon Support

The Customize UI settings now supports custom favicons.