ProcessMaker 4.2.32 Release Notes
ProcessMaker version 4.2.32 Release Notes.


Release Date: July 8, 2022.
ProcessMaker is proud to announce the immediate availability of ProcessMaker version 4.2.32. This update includes multiple improvements, bug fixes, and a known issue.
Create BPMN 2.0-compliant business processes using the ProcessMaker 4 platform's low-code approach. Design and deploy automated workflows that deliver true digital agility to your organization.
ProcessMaker version 4.2.31 and later is compatible to upgrade from any ProcessMaker version 4.x. ProcessMaker version 4.2 introduces many new features and improvements that were introduced in ProcessMaker version 4.2.29.
See the following important sections that describe changes to ProcessMaker version 4.2.32 from previous ProcessMaker 4 versions:
See the following sections of ProcessMaker version 4.2.29 Release Notes:
See the following sections for core product and non-core package versions for ProcessMaker version 4.2.32:
  • Core product: ProcessMaker version 4.x core-product functionality is the ProcessMaker open-source edition.
  • Non-core packages: ProcessMaker version 4.x packages extend core-product functionality. Packages are not available in the ProcessMaker open-source edition, but are available to customers that purchase or subscribe to ProcessMaker version 4.x. Release Notes that affect package functionality are documented in separate sections.
Release notes are cumulative with all previous ProcessMaker 4.x releases, and document new features, improvements, bug fixes, and/or known issues associated with this release unless otherwise noted.

Special Characters Allowed in Usernames

ProcessMaker version 4.2.31 and later allows a set of non-alphanumeric characters in ProcessMaker usernames compared to ProcessMaker version 4.1.27 and earlier versions. Aside from alphanumeric characters, ProcessMaker 4.2.31 and later allows the following characters in usernames:
  • commercial at (@)
  • hyphen (-)
  • period (.)
  • plus (+)
  • underscore (_)
ProcessMaker will enforce this set of special characters in a future version of the platform.
See the following topics in ProcessMaker documentation:

The Number of Items for Each Saved Search Disabled by Default

ProcessMaker version 4.2.30 and later now disables by default the number of items that correspond to each Saved Search when viewing the names of Saved Searches from the left sidebar. Prior to ProcessMaker 4.2.30, the number of applicable Requests, Tasks, or Collections displayed beside the name of that Saved Search. To increase performance, this number is disabled by default.
If you need the number of items that correspond to each Saved Search enabled, please submit a Support ticket.