Welcome Screens

Welcome Screens offer an efficient way to access processes, requests, tasks and analytics. The clean and organized layout of the welcome screen ensures that your essential information and actions are presented in a user-friendly manner, enhancing overall productivity. Additionally, the welcome screen for our design studio enables you to access frequently used assets.
These screens provide an interface through which you can easily perform the following actions:
  • Have an immediate overview of your tasks, making it easy to prioritize your work.
  • Check the status of your requests and ensure that you are always up to date on their status.
  • Start new requests without having to search for processes.
  • Gain insight into overall performance with the integrated Process Analytics dashboard.
  • View and search through all your assets in one place and spend less time navigating and searching.
Good to know: Welcome Screens are regular ProcessMaker screens and can be personalized to fit your needs.

ProcessMaker Platform Welcome Screen

Watch the following product tour to learn more about welcome screens.

Designer Welcome Screen

Watch the following product tour to learn more about the welcome screen for our design studio.

Additional Resources

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