Process Testing

Test your processes easily and safely before publishing to ensure proper functionality. The process testing feature provides the following benefits:
  • Test process changes without any risk of interfering with the data you've already collected.
  • You have the flexibility to either run processes from start to finish or begin and conclude testing from a midway point, based on your specific testing requirements
  • Automate multiple test runs with different sets of test data.
  • Create test scenarios from current requests and test with real-time data.
Good to know: Test runs of a process do not count towards application counters and metrics. This ensures that your testing activities won't skew or impact the data you rely on for system analytics.

Test a Process before Publishing

Watch the following product tour to learn how to test your processes while designing them.

Create a Test Scenario

Watch the following product tour to learn how to create test scenarios for testing your processes.

Additional Resources

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