ProcessMaker Platform and PM Classic

Here is everything you need to know about ProcessMaker Platform and the PM Classic integration.

What is ProcessMaker Platform?

ProcessMaker Platform, our latest enterprise product release, is a cloud-based SaaS solution that seamlessly integrates all of our previous releases into a unified platform. This release empowers users to leverage our latest technology while retaining the ability to access and maintain all existing processes created in previous versions.

What is PM Classic?

PM Classic is a feature integrated into ProcessMaker Platform that allows users to access and interact with processes built on ProcessMaker 3. Watch the following product tour to get a quick overview of what to expect after upgrading to ProcessMaker Platform.

Transitioning to ProcessMaker Platform

Watch the following product tour to learn how ProcessMaker 3 instances will transition to ProcessMaker Platform.

Using ProcessMaker Platform

ProcessMaker Platform has been designed to offer a smooth transition for both ProcessMaker 3 and ProcessMaker 4 users. For detailed information, see our Quick Start Guides or the User Documentation.

For a quick overview, please select one of the following options:

Benefits of Moving to ProcessMaker Platform

ProcessMaker Platform offers the perfect blend of cutting-edge BPM technology, while maintaining the ability to access and run your existing ProcessMaker 3 processes through the PM Classic feature. Here are some benefits of upgrading to ProcessMaker Platform:

  • Complete utilization of BPMN elements in our updated Process Modeler offering a new intuitive interface.

  • Create effective forms in our easy-to-use Screen Builder with an extensive variety of controls with no coding required.

  • Create advanced dashboards and display analytics for enhanced data analysis and visualization capabilities.

  • Use our brand-new ProcessMaker AI features to accomplish more in less time.

For a complete list of new features, see our latest Quick Start Guide or the User Documentation.

Expectations when Moving to ProcessMaker Platform

Here are some things to keep in mind when moving from ProcessMaker 3 to ProcessMaker Platform:

  • While all current processes are accessible and editable in the Designer through PM Classic, new processes can be created in ProcessMaker Platform only.

  • User creation, editing or deletion is disabled in ProcessMaker 3. These actions can now be performed using the ProcessMaker Platform interface only. Existing PM3 users will be synced into PM Platform.

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