Use a Screen Template

Each ProcessMaker release includes pre-built process templates that can serve as a foundation for designing your processes. These templates come with pre-built screens that you can use in your own processes as well. Instead of starting from a blank canvas, accelerate process development by using our templates and customize them to fit your needs.

Good to know: The ProcessMaker Template Gallery provides a variety of templates that you can import and utilize within your environment. Each template includes screens which you can use in other processes as well.

Step 1: Find a Pre-Built Screen

Using a pre-built screen can significantly reduce the time needed to develop a process. Watch our interactive tour below to learn where to find pre-built screens.

Step 2: Edit a Screen

Now that you know how to access our pre-built screens, let's see how you can edit and save them. Follow along the interactive tour below to learn how to edit these screens.

To add additional controls to a screen, follow one of the following links:

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