Modeler UI

This release introduces several enhancements to streamline the design process in ProcessMaker:

  1. Drag and Drop Elements: Users can now easily drag and drop elements from the control rail to the canvas, simplifying the design workflow.

  2. Undo/Redo Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + Y / Ctrl + Z or Command + Y / Command +Z) have been added for undo and redo actions, providing users with more efficient control over their design changes.

  3. Pan Across Canvas with Hand Tool: Designers can now pan across the canvas by dragging the Pan Tool, allowing for fluid movement and precise focus on different sections of their designs.

  4. Sequence Flow Enhancements: Tasks can be effortlessly snapped to existing sequence flows, facilitating the insertion of tasks between connected elements.

Modeler Enhancements

Watch the following product tour to see these Modeler enhancements in action.

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