Collaborative Modeler

ProcessMaker Modeler now supports real-time collaboration to help you and your team work together effectively. Our Collaborative Modeler allows multiple users to simultaneously open and edit a process model, eliminating the constraints of sequential editing. With real-time tracking of each user's position and ongoing edits, collaborative modeler provides a smooth environment for creating processes.

Real-Time Collaboration:

  • See all changes made by other users in real-time.

  • Work concurrently on different parts of the process model.

Efficient Version Control:

  • Avoid version control issues by editing different sections simultaneously.

  • Real-time synchronization ensures seamless merging of changes without manual intervention.

Accelerated Editing and Feedback:

  • Remove delays caused by sequential editing, allowing for faster iterations.

  • Receive instant feedback from team members through the chat-like comments section.

Using the Collaborative Modeler

Watch the following product tour to see our Collaborative Modeler in action.

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