ProcessMaker Intelligent Document Processing

ProcessMaker Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) offers a Cognitive Content Management Solutions (CCMS) system designed to meet modern business demands for a highly scalable, open, and standards-based content platform. By integrating AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, ProcessMaker IDP redefines content management capabilities

ProcessMaker IDP has the following key features:

  • Automatic Metadata Generation: Streamline operations by automating the generation of metadata for your documents.

  • Image Tagging: Enhance document management by automatically tagging images, making them easier to categorize and retrieve.

  • Content Augmentation: Improve work quality by intelligently adding hard-to-find information to your content.

  • Entity Relationship Discovery: Uncover relationships between content items and entities within the content itself.

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Familiarity with database terminology is assumed. When covering topics involving scripting, experience with JavaScript or Regular Expressions is expected.

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